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The men’s enhancement underwear and swimwear now available from Jonkeo Fashion Inc. is exceptional in two different ways:

The specially engineered front pouch (U.S patented) limits skin-to-skin contact, thereby reducing chafing and the itchy, sweaty discomfort of summer—or exercise at any time of year.

The front pouch also boosts the male anatomy to enhance a man’s below-the-belt profile.


From the inside-out photo, you can see the construction of the front inner pouch of our swimwear/casual wear.

In addition, Jonkeo enhancement underwear and swimwear is much simpler to put on than many rival brands. The underwear is currently available only through the company website at www.jonkeo.com, but the swimwear is also sold at a few smaller stores in New York City and San Diego. Samples are available to any print and online publications that review new menswear designs; any publication that is planning to cover Jonkeo Fashion is welcome to use photographs from the company website, and higher resolution files are available if needed. Send inquiries to menswear@jonkeo.com.

Jonkeo Ingels, CEO and Chief Designer of Jonkeo Fashion, is a native of Laos. Laos, like the rest of Southeast Asia, is famously hot and humid. The traditional men’s undergarment from that region provides considerable protection from the sweaty, itchy chafing that is common to that climate and produces great discomfort. In many cases, that discomfort is the precursor of the fungal infection commonly known as “jock itch.” That traditional garment was an inspiration of Mr. Ingels’ underwear design.

Mr. Ingels spent his mid-teens as a Buddhist monk, which was the custom in his family. At that time—the mid-1980s—the border between Laos, a Communist country, and Thailand was closed. But Mr. Ingels, with some of his fellow monks, managed to cross through the jungle into Thailand. (A member of another group was killed by a mine explosion during the crossing.) Mr. Ingels later made his way to the United States and earned a degree in fashion design technology from Fashion Careers College of San Diego. He was also an apprentice and then employee of B Michael American Couture in New York City.

In addition to this website, Jonkeo Fashion products are available from:

  • VIBE 212, 212 8th Avenue, New York, NY
  • Rainbow Station, 203 8th Avenue, New York, NY
  • etc…, 653 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ
  • Rebel Supply Co., 550 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ
  • Summer Solstice, 57 Picketty Ruff Walk, Fire Island Pines, NY
  • Kailani, 729C Montauk Highway, Montauk, NY
  • Mankind, 1295B University Avenue, San Diego, CA
  • Adam & Eve, 415 University Avenue, San Diego, CA.

Lines of men’s sleepwear and exercise wear are planned for the future.